Lifestyle, Emotion, and Music Preference


Radio is considered today to be a traditional marketing strategy.  It does not provide to the human mind any sort of visual cues but can influence those that listen with their lifestyle choices.  The great thing about marketing though radio is that you will be able to reach the wide market with a voice.  Never underestimate the influence that a voice can have when heard by a listener.  This action not only promotes what the user should be doing but how they should be doing it.  Get your message across today by speaking with one of our account managers.

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They make me feel like they care about people like me


They feel like they are making a positive difference in the world


Like to work with the radio playing


Our listeners listen to the radio over the near infinite other options for companionship, mood elevation, and feeling as though they are part a community that is similar to the listener.  A great way to engage your clients is to target their emotions and gain their support for your product or service.

Don’t lose out on great emotional connections that other services lose out on such as Pandora, Spotify, or even a podcast.  Ensure that your brand has an emotional connection to our listeners by getting in contact with one of our account managers.

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Music Preference

While music will keep evolving though out the ages and people’s music preferences will also change with time, one thing is for certain.  People will continue to listen to music that they like.  We play music that we know appeals to our stations target audience.

Radio’s diversity of programming affords advertisers niche channels to zero in on narrow target groups.

Speak to one of our account managers and we can help you identify which music station would best fit your target audience.

KUPI – 99KUPI “Idaho’s # 1 Country”

KUPI is “#1 for Country Music” in East Idaho, with the largest coverage area of any country station in Eastern Idaho. Everything we do is intended to help the advertiser meet budgets and projections.  There are no surprises; listeners get the best music these country artists have to offer.

KQEO – Arrow 107.1 “Greatest Hits”

Arrow is known as the first choice for listening at work in East Idaho.  We offer the best music from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s that seasoned adults and even younger generations can sing along too.  

KSNA – MYfm 100.7 “Today’s Best Music”

KSNA 100.7 MYfm features today’s best music but with a unique twist for a conservative eastern Idaho audience.  This is flinch free radio! what we mean by that is you will never hear questionable songs or lyrics.  This makes for a station that just about everybody in the family can agree upon, especially mom.

KQEO – La Super Caliente “Today’s Best Music”

The marketing world is waking up to something we at La Super Caliente have known for quite some time… there is tremendous power and growth potential to be had by reaching the fast growing eastern Idaho Hispanic population.  La Super Caliente is not just a radio station… it’s a trust resource for the Hispanic population in our coverage area.

KSPZ- ESPN “The Sports Zone”

ESPN KSPZ 980AM, 98.7 & 94.5 is all sports all the time.  If you are looking for sports talk listeners in East Idaho, you’ve found them!  In addition to the ESPN network programs, we broadcast the BYU Sports, Boise State Broncos, the Idaho Falls Chukars, and Local High School Games of the week Football and Basketball.

KGNX – Gen X 92.5 “Music for your Generation”

GenX is a music driver radio station. We don’t talk much, we just play one great song after another.  

KAOXHD2 – NOW 105.1 “Idaho’s Hit Music Station”

Now 105.1 delivers a wide range of listeners.  Entire families can tune in to Now 105.1 because we play new music first…that everyone can enjoy!

KAOX – Newstalk 107.9 “Conservative Newstalk”

Newstalk 107.9 delivers a wide range of listeners.  NEWSTALK 107.9 is a conservative news talk station with Neal Larson, and Julie Mason. We go over Local News in the morning and popular syndicated broadcasts such as Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Dave Ramsey, Dan Bongino, Markley, VanCamp, and Robbins.

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