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Live Remote Broadcasts

What is a Live Remote Broadcast?

A live remote broadcast is where we help communicate to the world that we are at your  location and something special is occuring.  This is a great way to own the airwaves for a week.

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What is included in a Remote Broadcast?

There are several things we like to include for your live remote broadcast.  They are as follows below:

  • Radio Commercials
  • Live Reads
  • A DJ broadcasting at your place of business
  • A station vehicle on site for curb appeal

What are the best Practices of Remote Broadcasts?

  • Have a great deal on a product your trying to sale
  • Include something for the listener
    • Free Food
    • Free Entertainment
    • Free Prizes to be won

What are the common pitfalls of Remote Broadcasts?

We are there to promote your brand and products, it falls on the owner to throw a great party.  If the party is about selling a product with no discount or is a very high-end purchase for the consumer with no other reason to come to the event, then it’s likely to not perform well.  Make sure you are prepared to deliver a great party event to draw in your consumers.