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Social Media Campaigns, Radio Campaigns, Giveaways, and other tactics to gain attention to your business is always the first step to gaining a new audience to market to. Gaining a fanbase is a slow and steady race that takes time and resources to accomplish.

One of the amazing services we provide would be to do a geofencing campaign. We will help you identify who your competitors are and fence their brick and mortar buildings to then advertise to people who are interested in the same services or products that you provide. If you do not feel as though your competition is the right route to go another way would be to target your vertical integrations. For someone with a recent car accident they would end up in physical therapy, you can fence in those areas if you were a lawyer for injuries to gain the business of those who are going to need you soon.


Once you have started to gain some awareness with your marketing campaign you will need to send people to your website. One of the best ways to do this would be to retarget people searching for your services or products. This is done using keywords from what people type into a browser such as Google. We would search for you what people are typing into their browsers and advertise to them depending on what they are searching.

A great example of this would be if you were a Bridal shop then you could target words such as “bridal shower gifts” or “wedding dresses” Then when they are doing their research we can advertise to them your bridal shop for something they may need. Retargeting can be done in many ways. There are many options for retargeting which will help gain your product or service interest to help convert those in an audience.


Site retargeting is a great way to bring someone who is considering purchasing your product or service. Your client comes to your site and they don't convert right away. They leave and don’t think a second thought about it. Well the next best thing would be to send ads to those people to bring them back to your site to convert. If you want to boost people’s preferences of your service or product then try and gain them back by advertising to those who have already been to your website.
A typical websites traffic will have 60% of the users visit the store page, and 30% place an item in the cart, while a staggering 3% will make a purchase. You want to gain these people back as they will know who you are and will be ready to convert.


The user buys your product / service. If your buyer stops here the best thing would be to down sell your product to gain their business. If they do go through with it then making an upsell is a great opportunity to gain even more of their business. If you believe that this is the end and your done, then you’re missing out on a whole ton of repeat business in the future. Gaining information or analytics on your buyers can help reengage them in the future for more of your business. This is done by getting them to subscribe to newsletters, phone numbers and other such data.

Why Should you Advertise?

Advertise to attracts customers to your business and increases your sales.  When consumers see strong and positive advertisements they are more willing to buy and readily choose your business.

Advertising is a momentum game and when your campaigns last for several months at a time your business momentum on catching the right people at the right time increases significantly.  

How Should you Advertise?

There is no silver bullet in your marketing campaigns that will be perfect for your business.  However you can find discover some of the best practices for your business through a little research.  We like to do a combination of Digital and Radio advertising to produce an omni-channel effect.  Gain the emotional connection through a voice with radio and inspire your audience. Then gain the recognizable message to inform and brand through digital.  Examine your sales funnel and gain insight to what would work best for you.

Client Testimonials

Radio is a great medium for us. I think that Sandhill Media is second to none. Every time we run a radio promotion, or radio advertising, we see results, customers see results, and its been a great tool.  I’ve been using radio for many years.  And I can’t speak highly enough of what they do for us.

Erik Hutchinson

General Manager, Pepsi Cola Idaho Falls

Working with Sandhill media is a lot like working with family, they have your best interest at heart, and they want to see you succeed as a business and that makes the difference.

Tadd Jenkins

Owner, Tadd Jenkins Auto Group

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Josh Elmore

Marketing Director

Keith Walker

National Sales

Dee Forbes

Account Manager

Domingo Muñoz

Account Manager

Jim Carter

Account Manager

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Account Manager

Alex Kepas

Account Manager

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